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Have you always wanted to flirt with that guy or girl way across the room? Become a master at silent Eye Flirting, because nothing is more seductive than a pair of fluttering long lashes.

Unwind with one of the most relaxing beauty treatments available. Imagine lying down with your eyes shut for a calm and cozy getaway, when you open your eyes you will have long, naturally curved, beautiful lashes. We offer three styles that set a foundation but each install in taylored to the clients needs and wishes.

Natural Flirt Set
This is great for people with finer lashes because we use thinner Eyelash Extensions. Different lengths and thickness give you a little length and more volume for a look that is soft and natural looking. Natural Flirt is great for the office, or for day to day wear.

Shy Flirt Set
This style is slightly fuller than the Natural Flirt. It is cross between Natural Flirt and Full on Seduction styles. Shy Flirt is a great choice for people who would occasionally wear mascara during the day. This style creates more definition, length and Volume
along the lash line.

Full on Seduction Set
This is a full Glamorous style. The Full on Seduction Style
is a great choice for people who would normally wear a lot of mascara during the day and are used for added drama. Great for a special occasion for that extra impact and really make your eyes stand out.

Volume Lashes

The Volume technique allows us to actually apply more lashes, using less weight. This gives you fuller more lush lashes. Especially for those who do not have many natural lashes. With volume, we are still isolating one natural lash, but instead of applying one single classic lash, we apply a hand made “fan” or “bouquet” of thinner lashes that are customizable to give you the perfect weight for every single natural lash.

Bottom/Under Eye Lashes

Lashes specifically made for the bottom lashes. These are the same great lashes jus in shorter lengths specifically for the under lashes. Applying lower lash extensions will make the eyes appear larger and more vivid.

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